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After years in the cosmetic industry working with numerous power-house cosmetic giants such as MAC, Estee Lauder, Lancôme, Elizabeth Arden, and Armani, and has had contracts with the Spurs, Miss Fiesta, P&G, Express-News to name a few. Carrie von Loudon has become a widely respected National Celebrity Makeup Artist, and creator of the popular brand of beauty products, Spank! Cosmetics.

Throughout her career, von Loudon has always sought after the knowledge and understanding of the Artistry of Makeup. Pulling information from the different companies set the backdrop for von Loudons curriculum. Von Loudon has worked with countless TV Networks and Film Production Studios which gave her the confidence needed when High Definition Television made it’s appearance, changing the way we view the world. Soon the demand for her skills allowed her to open her first company: The Artistry Company, which is well-known for being a top Makeup Artist Company in South Texas, which focuses on Bridal, Film, TV and Print ..

But that wasn’t enough for von Loudon…

She didn’t just want to keep her experience as a Makeup Artist & Business owner to herself. She wanted to give something back to anyone that aspired to be a Makeup Artist and shared the love and passion for the craft. Von Loudon compiled her experiences through her journey in the creation of her businesses, some good... some not so good. However, each step paved the way for her to have the courage and the vision to open the Institute of Makeup Artistry.

On April 12, 2013, von Loudon’s dream came true as the doors opened to The Institute of Makeup Artistry & F/X of San Antonio, the very first school of its kind, sharing her exclusive clientele with her students which has created the perfect learning platform for anyone that has a dream of one day having the ability to transform through Makeup Artistry.

Created for Artists by Artists, the staff at IMUA strive every day to provide the highest level of Education in a relaxing, modern environment. The teaching of the Fundamentals of Makeup Artistry, the education that will set you apart from the others, and Advanced Techniques take {approximately} 12 weeks to complete. The curriculum, created by National Celebrity Artist Carrie von Loudon, continues to evolve as the ideology of what is beautiful changes as our society changes. We pride ourselves in knowing that our graduates are well-equipped to face the fast-paced Makeup Artist Industry.